Web Research & Image Editing

Work Required

We provide high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and cost effective web research services. Online research is the slightest costly research methodology today. Our experienced team collects and analyzes quantitative and qualitative information to provide reliable and effective solutions to you.

Our Strategy

Our experienced teams of professional data mining operators are dedicated to provide complete and accurate data mining work to our worldwide customers at the delivery time agreed. We can execute small as well as large volumes data mining, web mining and online data acquisitions projects.
We do Product Research, Pricing Research, Image Research and editing for e-commerce stores.


Key Features

You provides

  1. Information to be searched.
  2. Potential sources to search the information.
  3. The preferred output format.

Research Plan

A research plan is then designed where we identify the potentials sources through which we can capture the relevant data.


We fix parameters so that the data could be arranged in the clients specified output format.


Our expert teams search the data from the internet and enter it into the required output format.

Quality Check

The collected data is then passed on for Quality check and output data formatting. The quality analyst checks the relevance of the data collected and removes the irrelevant data from it.


After quality analysis the data is then handed over to the Audit Department for random check of final output.


Only after the approval of the auditing department the final collected data is sent to the client via E-mail / FTP / DVD etc.

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